Meet the Solitary


The Rev. Elizabeth Hoff, ULC, is the founder of Solitary In Paradise Ministries.  She is an evangelist and ordained religious solitary who is affiliated with the Universal Life Church.  She lives in West Central Florida.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, a Diploma of Ministry, and a Certificate of Biblical Studies.  She has studied the Bible independently for over ten years.

Elizabeth is alive today by the grace of God.

She is no stranger to hard times.  Growing up, her father was abusive and mentally ill.  By the time she was 33, she had attempted suicide three times and had been committed twice to a psychiatric ward.

Elizabeth grew up in an Evangelical Protestant home.  She renounced the faith after high school.  After brief sojourns in atheism, Unitarian-Universalism, and Wicca, she became a born-again Christian in 2011.