Christmas Memories


Christmas just isn’t what it used to be.

Sears is closing stores all across the country (my hometown included).  The store holds a lot of memories for me.

When I was a child, they still had the candy counters.  I remember the trays of red pistachios in the display cases (they were dyed red to hide the blemishes).

More than anything else, I miss the catalogs.  Nothing said Christmas more than the Christmas catalogs.  There was something about the creamy feel of the paper between your fingertips.

Clicking pages on a website just isn’t the same.

The Christmas catalogs were an absolute wonderland.  You could find anything and everything in there, from He-Man and G.I. Joe (I’m dating myself, I know) to Barbie’s Dream House.  They had everything from hats and shoes to bedding and dishes.

It was truly a magical time.


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